What do I need to know about working with Display Screen Equipment?


What type of injuries or illnesses are related to DSE use?


How can I manage remote home office workers in a simple manner?

The COVID- 19 crisis has resulted in a huge number of employees working from their home office locations. This can provide greater flexibility for workers and employers but there are also hazards that need to be managed. In addition, the onus is on the employer to ensure that their home office workers complete certain training and risk assessments.

One of the most important risk assessments is the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment. SHEQ Portal have created a user-friendly, online tool that helps DSE users complete the necessary assessment while training them about different aspects of the display screen equipment environment.

The DSE assessment tool can be customized by different clients as required. It is also possible to send the completed assessment by PDF to necessary persons for review.

There is a nominal cost of €30 per employee and it includes the online assessment form and the training help files for each section to help the employee complete the assessment efficiently and effectively accurately.

See more information about our online DSE Training and Assessment tool here

SHEQ Centre Of Excellence (SHEQ.ie) provides a range of training consulting and manpower placement services. Their expertise covers health and safety management, environmental management, food safety management, information security-GDPR, and quality management.

See more information about our online DSE Training and Assessment tool here