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Contractor Management Solutions

Contractor Management Solutions

mai™ Contractor Portal

The mai™ Contractor Portal let’s you have clear, real time visibility of all your contractor company’s details (insurance details, safety statements, licenses etc.) and their employees (training records, inductions etc.). Manage every aspect of your contractor workforce and requirements with ease using a range of powerful software features available and described below.

  • Contractor Portal makes it easier for contractors to demonstrate compliance to new EHS requirements that exist today
  • Contractor portal helps streamlines all the information requried to stay compliant and is a tool to maintaining this information upto date, sending reminders/alerts and provides critical reports to let you know if something need to be renewed or updated
  • Contractor portal provides single location to store information in structured manner
  • Contractor portal identify information that is about to expire or has already expired and keep you updated through regular notifications and alerts
  • Contractor Portal helps to avoid any confusion between the clients and their contractors in terms of knowing what is expected and helps prevent delay coming on site
  • Our approach helps clients to trust the contractors who are using the portal as they know that these contractors are aware of the requirements and expectations and are able to demonstrate compliance

Information is focused on two critical areas i.e. company and your employees.

For company details it help manage information like General Contact and company information, Information about your safety programs, Insurance Details, Equipment,  Licenses, and much more

For each employee of your organization it help manage information like Basic Contact Details, Relevant Training Courses, Health info, such as vaccinations or fitness to work certs, Professional qualifications such as education and experience, and much more.

We work globally with clients to ensure that that their specific compliance requirements are clearly defined and then we help communicate these requirements clearly to their contractors to ensure that they are aware of these requirements


mai™ Contractor Portal provides range of features which allows you to manage your contractors in simple and effective manner.  Below are some of the features offered by mai Contractor Portal

  • Ability to manage all your contractor related information simply and easily.
  • The mai™ Contractor Portal let’s you have clear, real time visibility of all their contractor company’s details (insurance details, safety programs, licenses etc.) and their employees (training records, inductions etc.) through dashboard charts and detailed reports.
  • System can be configured to suit your specific compliance requirements.
  • Performance of each contractor can be rated by your organisation, using all of information available on the Portal.
  • The mai™ Contractor Portal can be used to manage the verification information provided by the contractors. Clients can clarify their requirements for each site, and contractors can either complete a questionnaire within the Portal or alternatively, upload a signed copy of a completed document,
  • Daily reports showing status of all your contractors and their employees.
  • It will be possible to integrate with your access control system.
  • Proven approach that stream lines your contractor management system in 3 easy steps.
  • Developed by EHS professionals for professionals.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Simple 3-step process to get started quickly.


Following are the few immediate benefits apart from many which can be observed by you as soon as you implement mai™ Contractor Portal for your organization.

  • Identifies all your contractors in one easy to use system.
  • Helps you adopt industry best practice for managing your contractors.
  • Help with remedial actions for under-performing contractors.
  • Ensure that contractors meet company and legal requirements (anti bribery, EHS etc.)
  • Back office support available to help you and your contractors.
  • Helps prevent unwanted contractors coming near your site(s). Security/ Reception personnel can do quick checks to verify the status of any contractor
  • Workload is pushed upstream from you – Contractors themselves do all the work.
  • Systems can be configured to meet your corporate requirements.
  • Customisable reports for both clients and contractors are available to help ensure information is kept up to date.
  • Contractors receive alerts in plenty of time if information is about to expire.
  • Regular alerts will keep both you and your contractors aware of information that needs to be updated.
  • Practically no administration needed by clients after system is set up.
  • Possible to integrate with access control systems (beta) to send alerts if contractors come on site without up to date documentation etc
  • Easy and fast set up process for all new contractors.

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