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Training & Competence Module

Training & Competence Module

Training and Competence Module

Managing employee training records and assessing competence used to be a difficult task. The SHEQ Training and Competency module significantly simplifies this process while ensuring that the methodology engrained in our software tool is compliant with ISO standards.processes and shared objectives.

With Training and Competence Module you can:

Manage Training Courses –

  • Real Time Visibility of training records. Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device.
  • Simple to create training courses and record details.
  • Create training matrix for all your courses.
  • Real time information about all training activities.
  • Employee Training File keep all info in one place i.e. training, knowledge, experience and job description details etc. Can integrate with SHEQ LMS and Training content library (e.g. Safety Hub).

Assess Competence –

  • Assess employee competence using versatility charts

Stay ISO Compliant –

  • Methodology compliant with ISO standards and best practices.


SHEQ Training and Competence module comes with amazing features which help you manage employee training easily and effectively. Some of high level features are listed below:

  • Create training matrix for all courses.
  • Create multiple training records for multiple employees at same time
  • Easily view and edit all training courses for all employees
  • View training records by location, department, employee
  • Create Training schedules for employees, department or job roles.
  • Single employee training file keeps all information in one place i.e. training, knowledge, experience and job description etc.
  • Color coded status for all training courses
  • Assess employee competence using versatility charts
  • Upload training Certificates
  • Flag training for employees moving departments


Following are the few immediate benefits apart from many which can be observed by you as soon as you implement Training and Competence Module for your organization.

  • Visual training status indicators showing the current state of training course i.e. active, about to expire, expired, future, overdue etc.
  • View individual training plan to see how employee is fairing to his own training plan for particular period.
  • View departmental training plan and take corrective actions based on visual indicators.
  • View individual competency level for each of the training courses against his set training plan.
  • Real time notifications to make sure that training is completed on time.
  • Methodology compliant with ISO standards and best practices. ISO14001 and ISO45001 compatible.
  • Built-in security and traceability
  • Real time reporting
  • Flexible configuration
  • Visual information display (paperless)
  • Integration with other applications like SHEQ LMS and Safety Hub.